12 August 2021 – Abba Kyari, the suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, is accused by IGBO History in a report released by the International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law, of masterminding the executions of defenceless residents and youth in the South-East, by simply categorising them as members of ‘IPOB’ or the security arm ‘ESN’. The report reveals the death of at least 80 Igbo citizens that were never investigated nor given a trial. The citizens were abducted by the trio including, the suspended DCP Abba Alhaji Kyari, CP Abuto Yaro, and the Imo governor, Hope Uzodinma, and they were secretly killed at irregular hours at the former FSARS Headquarters, in Abuja. The former FSARS Headquarters currently houses 3 murderous NPF squads, as seen in DCP Kolo Yusuf’s ‘Tactical Intelligence Unit’, ‘Special Tactical Squad’, and DCP Abba Kyari’s ‘Intelligence Response Team’. Abba Kyari is seen as the most corrupt Commissioner of Police in current Eastern Nigeria, is known as “False Accuser-in-Chief”, with his accomplice CP Abutu Yaro. Their false stigmatisation and categorisation have led to the death of more than 160 Nigerians in just 220 days. 13 August 2021 – The “Conference of Autochthonous Ethnic Nationalities Community Development Association” believes the government have not done enough to defend and protect their citizens and thus people are beginning to take measures into their own hands. As stated, people will place fences around their land and plant protective plants that will kill the cows if eaten. The group ensures no future intruders will trespass, yet, they reframe disclosing how they will guarantee this. Suleiman Surukam, the group’s spokesperson, stated the IDP camps are not being managed effectively by the government and the 1.5 million citizens in the IDP camps from Tiv land of Benue State continue in their daily struggle for survival. The group calls on the international community for support, as they have lost trust in their government. 15 August 2021 – Around 2:45 am armed suspected IPOB/ESN members, attacked the Izombe Police Station, in the Oguta Council of Imo State. The officers on duty were quick to respond and prevented the bandits’ entry to the station by repelling them with superior firepower. Three of the criminals and two police officers were killed in the attack, and police recovered a double barrel pistol that was made locally with 2 expended cartridges and a pump-action gun including 2 rounds of live cartridges.

Additionally, Rabiu Hussain has been appointed as the new Police Commissioner for Imo State, taking over from Abutu Yaro who has been redeployed to Force Headquarters in Abuja. 22 August 2021 – Over 300 armed bandits attacked Duba village, Batsari Local Government Area of Katsina State, around 8:45 pm, where they stole valuable items, essential commodities and killed 12 civilians. However, the residents claim there were 20 deaths and many people left with severe injuries. The attackers were carrying advanced weaponry, including AK47’s, RPG’s, and AAs. The gunmen escaped into the forests before police or military arrived. 22 August 2021 – Ungwan Dooh village, Zangon Kataf LGA, Kaduna State was attacked by gunmen, resulting in the death of 9 residents, the fear of uncovering more corpses and 2 houses being burnt down. Operation Safe Haven troops responded to distress calls and successfully rescued 12 civilians fleeing from the attack. The deceased include Jummai Dangana, Mary Dangana, Moses Dangana, Happy James, Jerry James, Comfort Emmanuel, Endurance Stephen, Mary Clement and Jummai Tanko. Additionally, Magdalene Dangoma was hospitalised with a gunshot injury and is currently receiving treatment. 22 August 2021 – Most Reverend Calistus Onaga, the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, called on the agitators for the suspension of the sit-at-home order in the South East region. Onaga states that the order will bring more hardships to the interests of the poor civilians they are claiming to protect, instead of safeguarding them. Onaga further expressed disappointment in the lob-sidedness of security operatives focusing on arresting Nigerians in other countries, yet ignore the farmers being murdered in the forests of the South East. 23 August 2021 – Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, the Abia State Governor, sent a team to evacuate 200 students of Abia origin that are stranded, as a result of the violence occurring near the University in Jos, Plateau State. There have been continuous attacks in the area and within the last 5 days, 4 students have been killed. The Governor will welcome back the students once they have returned safely. 24 August 2021 – Around midnight, numerous unknown gunmen attacked Goran Namaye town, Maradun in Zamfara state, resulting in the death of 4 civilians and the abduction of 50 others. Yakubu Elkana, Commissioner of Police, sent out a search and rescue team immediately and urges the residents to maintain law and order. 25 August 2021 – The military academy campus located in northern Kaduna was attacked by unknown gunmen, where the attackers abducted one person and killed at least 2 others. Questions arise about the adequacy of Nigeria’s security system. 26 August 2021 – Over the past 3 decades more than 30 functional airlines shut down, this has been attributed to inefficient service delivery and decrepit infrastructure nationwide for Nigerian airports. Airports are central to airlines survival, as they are mutually dependant. Out of the 24 airports in Nigeria, Abuja and Lagos are the only airports that receive enough traffic yearly to boost their revenue from general aviation and airlines. One of the major issues is that the airports close around 5:00/6:00 pm, meaning the airlines business is taken away, leaving no time for night operations or optimal services, drastically staggering the airlines’ mortality rate. As noted, before 2010 around 25 airports collapsed and over the last 5 years and additionally 5 airports closed. Chris Aligbe, the CEO of Belujane Konsult, is in support of airport concession, as it is a necessity to develop airlines and transform the airport sub-sector.

26 August 2021 – Governor Okowa ensured the evacuation of Delta students trapped in Jos, Plateau State commenced today, due to the renewed attacks commencing. Delta students will be transported on 3 buses with police escorts to guarantee their safety from the trouble zone, this demonstrates Governor Okowa’s care for Delta students as a top priority and determination to protect his people. 26 August 2021 – After 36 civilians were killed in an attack by armed Fulani militia in Yelwa Zangam community, Jos North LGA and another 8 people murdered in Yelwata community, Guma LGA of Benue State; furious youth stormed hospitals gathering the victims’ corpses and depositing them from a truck at the Governments House. The protesting youth called on the government to “eat the bodies if you can’t protect us”. Youth are outraged as the night before 36 civilians being killed, unknown gunmen burnt the iron bridge linking the Ahwol Ward, Naraguta community to security agents and proceeded to kill more than 35 people and burn 20 others alive. The enraged youth proceeded to burn down Governor Simon Lalong’s billboard reading “Peace, Unity and Progress”. After these incidents, Governor Lalong enforced a 24-hour curfew in Jos, Plateau State. Governor Lalong has since confirmed the arrests of 10 people connected to the attacks and ensures they will not go unpunished.


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