Violence continues to escalate in Nigeria. See below our latest updates of incidents for December and January:

10 December 2021 – Between the hours of 12 am – 1 am unknown gunmen arrived in Hilux vehicles and motorcycles and invaded various communities within Imo State. The gunmen vandalized and burnt down homes and vehicles, while kidnapping 2 traditional leaders, Paul Ogbu of Ihitte Ihube and Acho Ndukwe of Amagu Ihube and a youth leader, Umulolo-Okigwe. The gunmen also attempted to find Fabian Nwosu, however, when they were unable to locate him, they destroyed his house. Investigations are underway, however, a source within the community revealed that the abductors established contact with one of the monarchs’ families and demands N20 million. IPOB strongly condemned the kidnapping of the monarchs and the killing of the 4 traditional rulers of Njaba over the last 3 months. IPOB calls upon the government to take responsibility, as they blame Hope Uzodimma for “enjoying the handiwork of the monsters they created” as there have been no leads or investigations dedicated to the traditional rulers’ deaths or kidnappings. As seen with the recent attacks on Monarchs:

– 19 October 2021: Traditional rulers holding stakeholder meetings were shot at by gunmen who invaded Njaba LGA. Two leaders died immediately, while 2 others were rushed to hospital.

– 19 November 2021: Henry Madumere, the traditional ruler of Achi Mbieri was kidnapped on his way to a public function.

– 19 November 2021: Eze Madumere, the octogenarian monarch was held in captivity for 6 days before being released.

– 9 December 2021: Edwin Azike, the traditional ruler of Atta in Njaba LGA was kidnapped and his body dumped in Market Square.

– 9 December 2021: Damian Nwaigwe, the traditional ruler of the Mbutu ancient kingdom was kidnapped and released after 3 days.

31 December 2021 – Unknown gunmen attacked a “Uli Global Ambassadors for Development Initiative” organised medical outreach programme in Ihiala LGA of Anambra state. The gunmen forcefully entered and began shooting sporadically, resulting in many people being injured. Additionally, the gunmen shot two police officers, sadly Inspector Ezekiel Aliyu died immediately and another officer was rushed to the hospital and receiving treatment. Also, the gunmen abducted the third officer with no current knowledge of his whereabouts.

31 December 2021 – Around 2 am, Attah Village was attacked by Nigerian soldiers in support of Ebubeagu. They forcefully invaded civilians homes, shooting sporadically and burning down properties. Many people fled into the bushes for safety or got trapped in their houses and burnt to death. Soldiers removed the dead bodies along the way to avoid traces of their attack. The attack continued along Okporo, Amazu, Attah down to Mgidi.

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1 January 2022 – Around 4 am, 6 Villagers from the Orlu community were killed by Ebubeagu Nigerian soldiers who invaded the Umutanze village. The soldiers began by shooting sporadically, shattering numerous windows and doors. According to local Pastor and resident, Pastor Anothony Akatta, the attack lasted more than 7 hours and the soldiers abducted many of the youth. Captain Joseph Akubo, confirmed the raid of 34 Artillery Brigade Obinze, however denies soldiers involvement, as he states the raid was carried out by operatives of the Department of Security Services.

2 January 2022 –Two Hausa scrap collectors murdered Anietie, an Indigene living in Afaha Oku village after Anietie found them in his compound. When Anietie questioned why they were there, the 2 men beat him until he collapsed. Anietie’s brother saw the incident from inside their house and Anietie was rushed to hospital, however passed away in the ambulance. Once the youth of the village heard of his death, they were infuriated and in retaliation they found the 2 Hausa men and threw them inside of a gutter, burning them to death.

4 January 2021 – Armed Fulani militia, disguised themselves by wearing military uniforms and invading the 2nd Abumere Ojigbelu Camp, in Ovia North-East LGA of Edo State. The armed Fulani militia chased the villagers off of their houses, properties and farms. According to a victim, Mattu Alli, he was visiting his family and having a good time, when he heard gunshots from all directions, he called his family to tell them to run away and he still has no idea of his wife and children’s whereabouts. Mattu recalls Fulani herdsmen pointing a gun at his head and stating that they will only kill the villagers if they refuse to allow their cows to graze on their land and feed on their crops. The Fulani man warned that if anyone touches their cows, they would kill everyone in the village, they especially wanted the cassava and yams for their cows. The Fulani militia was carrying sophisticated AK-47’s when they attacked the village, forcing villagers to run to the neighbouring communities for safety.

6 January 2022 – Nigerian soldiers, led by Lt. Col. Ali and Barrister Bashir, attacked the Adigbe area of Abeokuta, in Ogun State around 1 am. This attack resulted in the death of Malummodu Ibrahim and Sale Abacha, and at least 5 civilians sustained bullet injuries. According to a community member, they recall a disagreement between Barrister Bashir and Suleiman Yawal, a community member. The argument stemmed from Bashir claiming that he facilitated the release of Yawal for an offence he committed 5 years prior, however, Yawal credited his release to a family member and God. Community members intervened in the heated argument and Bashir left in anger, threatening Yawal that there would be consequences. Eyewitness, Ibrahim Suleiman, said that he was asleep when soldiers entered their home and shot sporadically, warning everyone if they moved they would be killed. The soldiers gathered the members of the community and told “Barrister Bashir to finger those arguing with him in the afternoon”, three men were pointed out and taken away by the soldiers. Lt. Col. Ali reported that they would take the men to Adigbe Police Station when the villagers questioned what would happen.

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6 January 2021 – Around 4 pm, suspected armed Fulani militia invaded and attacked Apaghers Village, popularly known as Tse Agbe of Ahume, Saghev in Gwer West Local Government Area, Benue State.

In the course of that attack two of my relatives were killed:

1. Mr. Vincent Orzege (Zegetar) Nyitse and

2. Mr Aondohemba Iorkyaa.

Moreover, they kidnapped maltreated and threatened but later released the following persons:

1. Mr Benedict Apagher Nyitse.

2. Mrs Mary Apagher

3. Helen Agera.

4. Comfort Msurshima Orzege

5. Christiana Aondohemba

Some Children were missing at the initial stage of the attack they have all been returned.

Through the instrumentality of the health Coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Makurdi, and the good Priests of the said Diocese, the survivors of this attack who are undergoing a very serious trauma are presently receiving medical care at the Bishop Murray Medical Centre, Makurdi.

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7 January 2022 – Late in the evening, around 12 Fulani militia led more than 1,000 of their cattle into Osogbo, Osun State capital. Once members of the community saw the large number of cattle approaching, they immediately alerted Amotekun Corps, led by Field Commander Amitolu Shittu, who interrogated and stopped the herders. Initially, the herdsmen resisted, however, the Amotekun Corps officers led the cattle to a river for water and marched them to the border between Osun and a neighbouring state.

8 January 2022 – 3 Civilians were killed in an attack by armed Fulani militia, when they invaded the Molege community, in Ose LGA of Ondo State. When the residents refuse to allow the cattle to graze on their land and crops, the armed Fulani militia attacked the community and set the buildings on fire, forcing the villagers to flee. When Amotekun Corps moved in with 3 patrol vehicles to help the villagers, the armed Fulani militia opened fire on the soldiers even though it was unprovoked.

8 January 2022 – Bishop Matthew Kukah was called into questioning by the Nigerian State Security Agency after he criticised the government’s complicity in dealing with the numerous persecutions and kidnappings of Nigerian Christians. According to a new study, in the first 200 days of 2021, at least 3,462 Christians were murdered in Nigeria; and over the past 2 decades, more than 60,000 Nigerian Christians have been killed. Nigerian Christians state that the “Muslim-controlled government has largely responded slowly, inadequately, or not at all to the problem of Christian persecution.”

10 January 2022 – Around 2 pm, an unidentified traditional ruler was kidnapped when travelling down the Y-junction, Ubomiri in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State. According to an eyewitness, the traditional rulers’ Range Rover was shot at and he has forced out the car, with a little girl and they were taken towards Orlu. During the kidnappers sporadic shooting, 1 person was killed and 2 injured. Civilians in the area began running for safety and think that many others were kidnapped in the process.

10 January 2022 – Allegedly, armed Fulani militia attacked the Ishiagu community in Ivo LGA of Ebonyi State, killing 3 people returning to their farms.

11 January 2022 – Nigerian Joint Security Agency continue to attack communities in Imo State. As seen, the Izombe community have exposed numerous attacks on their villagers and the mayhem soldier create. On 22 December 2021, the security agency invaded the community claiming to search for ESN members, however, when they failed to apprehend the members, they began burning down the properties and destroying the village. Mr Ifeanyi Chikezie, Mr Chidubeme Nnanna and Mr Ibe Samuel Agbasiari were victims of the attack and their homes burnt down. Similarly, an anti-kidnapping squad arrested Chief Raymond Agbasiari and Chukwudorue Samuel and detained them in Owerri, Imo State CID without giving them the opportunity of a trial. It should be noted that the state government approves all attacks carried out by the Joint Security Team. Additionally, this is occurring in many parts of Imo State and the soldiers are continuously involved in burning of properties, killing innocent youth, and extra-judicial killings.

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