1. Bishop of Orlu Speaks Out Against Violence


A Catholic Bishop of Orlu, in Imo State in Nigeria has appealed to the warring parties to end the bloodshed and seek dialogue. In a statement issued Saturday, October 2 Bishop Augustine Tochukwu Ukwuoma said, “I come to you with bleeding heart and tears on the state of our dear nation especially in Orlu.”

“Since the spate of violence; killings and destruction of public and private property, I have had cause to speak out and condemn the incessant and unprecedented bloodletting and loss of value for human life with my two previous appeals captioned SHED NO BLOOD AND DO NOT BE AFRAID,” Bishop Ukwuoma explains. Unfortunately, the Nigerian Catholic Bishop bemoans, “the situation has grown from bad to worse with no sign of abatement.”

“I hereby reiterate my earlier appeals and exhortations to both the State Security Actors and the Known/Unknown Gunmen to respect and protect life; for life belongs to God. Shed no more blood and work towards unity and peaceful co-existence,” he says. The Church as Mother and Teacher “cannot fold her arms while God’s people and indeed humanity feel highly unsafe and suffer the danger of life and properties which invariably affect their eternal salvation.”

“Dialogue and compromise remain the best option towards our common good,” the Bishop adds. Cases of violence and killings have been on the rise in the area covered by Nigeria’s Catholic Diocese of Orlu in recent times. In August, some five people were reportedly beheaded after the violence rocked the Orlu community. Last month, a prominent lawyer, Darlington Odume, was reportedly shot dead by gunmen in Orlu.

Popularly known as Omekagu, Mr Odume was reportedly shot at a supermarket at Amaifeke in Orlu when his assailants stormed the area on motorcycles. On October 2, gunmen razed the country home of a former Imo State lawmaker, Gozie Nwagba. Many were forced to flee their homes following the violence. Bishop Ukwuoma says, “Orlu zone is now in the news for very insidious and negatives news, and our people are petrified to the highest level while the danger ember is in its highest peak of alert.”

“Not even during the fratricidal Nigeria- Biafra war (1967-1970) had brought our people to this unfortunate level of state of lawlessness, brutish and savage experiences as described in the Hobbesian state of nature and jungle,” he bemoans. He also expresses solidarity and his spiritual closeness with those who have “lost their loved ones.”

“Trust and have hope in God. I feel your pain. May God console you. Do not take Vengeance; for vengeance belongs to God. To the Politicians, Religious and Community Leaders; remember our primary responsibility to work for peace, the protection of lives and properties,” the 67-year-old Nigerian Bishop who has been at the helm of Orlu Diocese since June 2008 says in his October 2 statement. As a way forward, Bishop Ukwuoma outlines certain directives the people of God are expected to follow for peace in the Diocese.

“Starting from 1st October 2021, all Parishes, Chaplaincies, and all other groupings of Christ’s faithful are exhorted to organize Rosary prayers and Benediction daily. Let this year’s prayers be approached with desperation and cry for God’s HELP. May we repent of our sins,” the bishop directs. He invites “Traders in markets, welders, electricians, Okada and Keke operators, etc. to organize and pray for peace.”

“Families and Individuals are also exhorted to organize family Rosary prayers and other supplications for peace in Orlu and beyond,” Bishop Ukwuoma further directs. At all Holy Masses, he goes on to direct, “intentions should include God’s intervention and restoration of peace and security in Orlu.”

“Fridays of October and beyond should be observed as days of fasting, abstinence, and atonement/reparation for God’s intervention in our socio-political and economic problems,” the bishop adds. He continues, “As we earnestly seek the mediation and supplications of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael to defend us in the days of battle, we urge all to eschew all speeches and actions that will escalate hatred and provocations.”


2. Catholic Priest Abducted In Abia State

On 13 October 2021 “unknown gunmen” kidnapped Rev Fr Godfrey Mark Chimezie, who served at St Theresa Catholic Church, Umuahia, Abia State. He had just concluded a morning mass at St Gabriel, Okpururie, Afaraukwu, when he was kidnapped along with Enyiukwu Road Ohokobe Afaraukwu community, Ibeku in Umuahia.

Rev Fr Godfrey Mark Chimezie was reportedly forced out of his Toyota Corolla into an SUV driven by the kidnappers, after which they sped away. The Enugu-born cleric has ordained a priest earlier this year.


3. Seminary Attacked In Kafanchan: Three Seminarians Kidnapped

On 11 October 2021, the Catholic Seminary in Kafanchan was attacked. Six people were injured and three Seminarians were kidnapped. See below the statement from the Diocese of Kafanchan:


4. See below an update of the latest incidents:


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4 October 2021 – 5 innocent civilians were killed and many more injured in an attack by unknown gunmen in Tse Ukohol community in Guma LGA, Benue State.

7 October 2021 – 4 people were murdered and numerous injured in an attack by unknown gunmen at Tse Orkpe village in Guma LGA. See photos below:


6 October 2021 – In Imo state, a Nigerian police officer chased down an “unknown gunman” and successfully killed him during the exchange of fire. However, after the “unknown gunman” died and his body was inspected, it was revealed that he was a Nigerian DSS. Instead of the Nigerian media releasing information confirming the “unknown gunmen” is the Nigerian DSS causing all the chaos, they changed the story to the police officer ‘mistakenly’ killing a Nigerian DSS.

https:// www.thecable.ng/drop-the-dangerous-plan-falana-warns-fg-against-emergency-rule-in-anambra

7 October 2021 – A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, warns of the danger of removing Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state, as the Federal Government is attempting to do through implementing the state of emergency rule. Falana asserts that according to the Constitution, although the President can declare the emergency rule in any area of the country, he cannot remove an elected governor, the governor needs to resign or be removed through impeachment. Thus, President Buhari was advised by senior lawyers to obtain legislative approval for the deployment of armed forces in Anambra state and any of the other states where counter-insurgency operations are currently being conducted by the federal government.



9 October 2021 – Unknown gunmen attacked Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State, resulting in the death of no fewer than 13 people. Two of these deaths were police officers in the Isu community, as well as two lawyers who were driving through Onicha Igboeze and were stopped by the gunmen and shot dead. The gunmen subsequently left their own Lexus SUV at the crime scene, setting it on fire and stole the lawyers’ vehicle to escape. Similarly, Elizabeth Agwu, a daughter of the traditional ruler of Onicha Igboeze was hit by a stray bullet in her abdomen and died after police stormed her community looking to arrest a suspected member of IPOB, who they consequently killed too. Additionally, 7 people travelling along Onicha Igboeze road were trapped inside of their vehicle, which was set on fire, resulting in all 7 travellers burning to death.



9 October 2021 – In Izombe, Oguta in Imo State, was attacked by the military and within 24-hours more than 50 houses were razed down, resulting in the death of many youth and security agencies. The military is seen attacking more and more villages, as in Izombe there were more than 18 military trucks and 6 armoured trucks who set buildings alight and killed many innocent civilians. Government officials are silent on the matter and Governor Hope Uzodinma is away in Abuja with the President, offering no assistance on the attack.


https:// orientaltimes.ng/2021/10/10/police-shoots-job-seeker-dead-in-imo-brands-him-ipob-member/

10 October 2021 – Chigozie Nwaiwu, a recent graduate was visiting his childhood friend Uchenna Chukwuanyanwu’s welding shop and in full view of the public was shot dead by a police officer. According to an eyewitness, a Venza vehicle stopped outside the welding shop and the occupants who were mufti forced Uchenna into the car. When Chigozie questioned why they were taking Uchenna, the mufti shot him directly on the forehead, killing him instantly. The Venza drove off quickly and immediately a crowd gathered to see if Chigozie was alright, however, the car quickly turned around and threw Chigozie’s body into the car as it sped off again. A statement was later released by Mike Abattam, police spokesperson, claiming Nwaiwu was an IPOB member and was arrested at Ehime-Mbano LGA of Imo State, and Uchenna Chukwuanyanwu played a major role in the burning of police stations and killing police officers in Imo State. The police statement read that Uchenna alerted his gang members when police arrived to arrest him and he rushed at the police officers with a cutlass attempting to chop their heads off, they also stated they recovered a locally-made double barrel pistol and 2 extended cartridges, charms and 2 live cartridges from the scene. Police also claim that they shot Chigozie in a gun duel and the other gang members escaped with bullet wounds. However, eyewitnesses were in disbelief upon hearing this, as this was fallacious and the community described the boys as extremely hardworking and always mobilized youth within the community to assist widows. The community came together to sign a petition directed at the Inspector General of Police for the incident to be investigated further for the extra-judicial killing of Chigozie and to ensure the release of Uchenna.



10 October 2021 – Nollywood actor, Chinwetalu Agu, is shown in the video stating to the Army Division that he is simply wearing the civil dress and not the Biafran regalia they are claiming. He declares he is not part of the ESN and he was only sharing bread at Upper Iweka when he was arrested.



11 October 2021 – This video shows a woman refusing arrest and challenging police officers, as she is wearing Biafran flag colours. She is sitting on the floor and will not get up for the police.



11 October 2021 – Professor Daniel Saror, former Vice-Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, expresses that it was not an accident that the current Nigerian insecurity has arisen, and Boko Haram does not compromise of miscreants. Professor Saror insists that the current insecurity is a “well-coordinated agenda to spread Islam” across Nigeria, especially in Benue State; and the terrorists associated with Boko Haram are intellectuals that are highly connected to Nigerian stakeholders and other countries around the world.



12 October 2021 – Although the South-East Governors made a resolution to contain the violence in the region, the problems have persisted. Firstly, around 5 pm unknown gunmen attacked the police division headquarters Umulokpa, in Uzo-Uwani LGA of Enugu State and abducted a female police officer on duty. According to a resident in the area, the policemen scattered after spotting the gunmen, leaving the gunmen with access to the armoury compartment and all the arms. Secondly, villagers of Owerri made a distressed call for the military over a security threat by Obele (who was an escapee from Owerri Correctional Centre) and his allegiances; Obele resisted arrest and began shooting. Obele was killed in the process, thus his men attacked the military; resulting in 2 officers being killed, they stole their uniforms, arms and ammunition, and clubbed them to death. Thirdly, Stephan Ajah was murdered and later found along the Agbani/ Ozalla road in Nkanu West LGA of Enugu State by an unknown gunman. Fourthly, panic arose in Umuahia when reports of a sit-at-home order filtered through the Uzuakoli road area. Banks, shops and motorists hurried to desert the area in fear of attacks. However, the unknown gunmen never appeared and calm returned to the area as people began to return.


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