Violence continues to rage in the South East and Middle Belt. Throughout the week reports were received of “unknown gunmen” attacks and reprisals by the Police and Army – often against civilians – with a sharp spike in violence in Anambra and Imo States. The release of Nnamdi Kanu on 13 October 2022 will change the dynamics in the region – many fear an increase in violence in the period leading up to the February 2023 elections. Below is a summary of the week’s incidents:

In Plateau State on Sunday, suspected terrorists killed four people in the Kulias, Bokkos Local Government Area. The casualties were two village heads and two other village residents. a resident, speaking on condition of anonymity, has said, “Last night, unknown gunmen whom we suspect to be terrorists attacked Kulias community by Government College, Bokkos, around 7:40pm and killed one of my family members, Ishaya M. Fompun, and his son, including two other Mai Angwas (village heads).” according to another resident, “Just a day before Saturday, some gunmen attacked All Nations Academy in Bokkos and kidnapped two ladies, but they were later rescued. What is happening in Bokkos is rather unfortunate and the authorities should look into It.” the spokesperson for the military task force attached to the state, Captain John James, confirmed the attack. “It happened around 7pm on Saturday. We mobilized our patrol team to the community, but before they got to the scene, the assailants had left the place. Sadly, four people were killed. We notice that these people will just come, attack the people and disappear. We have given out phone numbers for the public to call in case of any attack or any security breach in any part of the state. Our challenge is that in most cases, the people font make use of these numbers. We want them to make use of these numbers because we have mobile patrol teams that are ready to respond to any security threat in any part of the state.” 2

A policeman and two civilians were killed, and a police station burned in an attack on the Inyi Police Station in Oji River Council Area, Enugu state. Gunmen invaded the surrounding community and targeted the station. While carrying out the attack, the gunmen were heard to be chanting “No election, Police in Biafra land.” In a video that went viral, the bodies of two young men are seen lying outside the police station, although it seems only one can be confirmed as a police officer. A resident of the area has confirmed the attack. “I got information from my community a few hours ago that unknown gunmen attacked the police station in my town, and that they killed one police officer.”

Gunmen shot and killed policemen in a stop-and-search at Umuna, Owerri-Okigwe Road, Imo State. According to a source, an Assistant Superintendent of Police as well as a police inspector were the fatalities. “Umuna Police Division, Okigwe, was attacked on Sunday. The P&G, ASP Danjuma, was killed with Inspector Ebi while on the road. The unknown gunmen stormed the checkpoint in front of the division wearing Nigerian Army uniform; they were in an Army Hilux vehicle. Another Inspector was hospitalized. Something is wrong with the Imo State Police Command. Police officers are now targets. The bodies of the deceased officers are lying in the bush now as I speak.”

Unidentified gunmen attacked the Ezza North Local Government Headquarters, as has been confirmed by the Ebonyi Police Command. The property was set on fire and valuables worth millions of Naira destroyed and stolen. The commands Spokesman, SP Chris Anyanwu, confirmed that they are aware of the incident. “We are aware of the attack but yet to get the full details. Right now, investigation is ongoing to get the details but no arrest has been made.” the chairman of the council, Mr. Ogodo Nomeh, said the attack happened in the early hours of Monday. “The hoodlums engaged the security operatives in the council in a gun battle. Some of the hoodlums sustained gunshot injuries. Some of the hoodlums sustained gunshot injuries. So 3

far, no arrest has been made because the incident happed in the night. There were so much gunshots and many of the gunmen were injured. Right now, we are moving from one hospital to another to check for people that have gunshot injuries. We are not suspecting anybody now until we apprehend the suspects. You know the thing happened around 2am. We are talking with security operatives that had encounter with the hoodlums.”

A notorious gang leader and terrorist, Ali Dogo, was killed in Kaduna State, along with 30 members of his gang. They were killed by airstrikes undertaken by the Air Component of Operation this past weekend. Dogo, known as Yellow, had fled with his fighters from Niger State to Yadi, in Giwa Local Government Area, Kaduna State, to the house of one Alhaji Gwarzo. While there, the air force tracked them there and bombarded the compound. ‘Unfortunately for yellow and his fighters, while they were having a meeting, NAF aircraft struck Alhaji Gwarzo’s house, leaving everybody in the building neutralized including Yellow.” at the same time,, not far from Yadi, more terrorists were killed by the army in other attacks. “Following credible intelligence of terrorist’s leaders and their foot soldiers converging under tree covers at the location for a meeting, the location was struck with several terrorists killed.” Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, spokesperson for the NAF, confirmed both strikes as successful, noting “the Air Component in keeping with the directive of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Oladayo Amao, would continue to sustain offensive operations against these criminal elements in collaboration with the land component and other security agencies to rid the joint Operations Area and indeed the entire Northwest of terrorism and other acts of criminality.”

On 12 October 2022 Fulani militias attacked Yelewata Village between Makurdi and Lafia in Benue State. Seven are confirmed dead and many injured. Hundrreds of inhabitants fled to the St Joseph’s Catholic Church for safety.

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