27 July 2018 – In 2018 a CNN report was released declaring the “farmer-herder” attacks as being 6 times more lethal in comparison to Boko Haram (who have bombed markets, mosques and other public areas), posing a huge threat to the stability of Nigeria. Between January – July 2018 more than 1,300 Nigerians lives were lost and over 30,000 civilians were forced to leave their homes during the attacks and could not return; the report states that this was due to “land-use disputes”. According to the article, the conflicts in the central states of Nigeria between Muslims (the Fulani herdsmen) and Christians (farmers) dates back to 2013; however, the killings conducted by the Fulani herdsmen have dramatically increased in 2018. As seen, the New Year’s Day Massacre that took place in Benue state, following the implementation of anti-grazing laws, where the Fulani herdsmen killed at least 86 innocent people. The article declares three reasons for the worsening crisis:

1. Environmental challenges in the north of Nigeria have created infertile land, forcing herdsmen south.

2. The Government unhurried response to the attacks

3. The new anti-grazing laws.

This article shows independent confirmation that DHPI has been correct in the sources released and the direction for the attacks. Though, the article does not focus on the severity of attacks directed at the Christian population and the numerous churches that have been razed in the whole of the South East, and not only the Middlebelt. The article is dating back to 2018 showing the gravity of the situation in Nigeria and the immediate attention that is needed to ensure the safety of the population.

5 October 2021 – This video shows how IPOB is fighting against Hope Uzodinma, the director of Aladina hospital and FMC morgue for planning a mass burial for the genocide that Uzodinma and the Nigeria Fulani Army committed in the Southeast of Nigeria. There are numerous corpses in the morgue, which they are trying to prevent being identified by the civilians. IPOB is fighting against this, as it is not the Igbo tradition to bury an unidentified body. Atrocities were committed in Owerri, Orlu and Imo State where the military killed many youths and dumped their bodies in gutters. The military gathered all of these bodies and sent them down to the FMC morgue and Aladina Hospital morgue where they were planning to do a mass burial. However, IPOB rejected the mass burial and insisted on investigations as to why there are so many corpses, how the military got the bodies and who took the bodies to

the morgues. Security agencies denied knowledge of the whereabouts of the corpses, thus IPOB warned the chief medical directors, CMD’s, the management of the two hospitals, and the Commissioner of Health in Imo state to stop the mass burial and proceed with the investigations. IPOB declares that some of their youth were captured by the Fulani Army and taken hostage in small cells in the North of Nigeria, where they are subjected to inhumane and severe torture daily. IPOB states that the mass burial is a coverup of the genocide the Fulani’s committed and want to know how the morgues suddenly got so filled up with the corpses. IPOB declares that Hope Uzodinma and the security agencies are in collaboration on the genocide. As seen, Uzodinma created a fake ESN and controls the unknown gunmen to intimidate the people of Anambra state, which IPOB is determined to fight for justice and stop the genocides that are being committed.

13 October 2021 – Afenifere, the pan-Yoruba socio-political organization, released a statement that President Buhari and his government is failing to protect Nigerian citizens, which is the most basic responsibility. The perfect example of this is shown by the frequent times terrorists overran various police headquarters, military formations, and committed abductions of multiple citizens and officers, all in broad daylight. Insurgents that are remnants of Boko Haram are setting up camps around Nigeria, particularly seen in villages in Kuje, Abuja Municipality, which will ultimately lead to the demise of the land and her people. Hon Suleiman Chukuba, the chairman of Shiroro LGA of Niger state, claimed more than 500 communities in the LGA had been claimed by insurgents. Chukuba states that when the insurgents took over the communities, they would hoist their flags, force the people to become members of Boko Haram and equip them with weaponry to fight against the government. The terrorists have already set up camps in the states of Nasarawa, Niger, Borno, Zamfara, Yobe, Benue, and Kaduna. Similarly, in the South West, the highway from Ijebu-Ode to Ibadan (including areas of Ekiti, Ondo, Osun and Ogun states) have daily abductions and attacks conducted by the insurgents. President Buhari continuously alludes to the attacks being conducted by people from outside Nigeria attributing the proliferation of arms from the instability in Libya, refusing to take responsibility for the Fulani militia. President Buhari is aware of the current security challenges but is not acting on implementing strategies to tackle these challenges. Two chambers of the National Assembly requested to declare bandits as terrorists, as the situation is dire and needs to be addressed appropriately, however President Buhari has been reluctant to do this. Afenifere urged drastic steps to be taken, these including:

  • Discontinue primordial cleavages.
  • Equipping security agencies (particularly police and army)
  • Boost morale by increasing pay and providing decent welfare packages
  • Allow state governors to rightly become chief security officers in their states, by allowing their own policing systems and all power needed to operate such.
  • Convey meetings of all, including various stakeholders and interest groups.

14 October 2021 – Despite the military attacks, the ESN continues their intensified hunt for armed Fulani militia in the south-south and southeast of Nigeria. Farmers in the southeast highly respect the ESN members, as they have helped regain farmland territory by accompanying and protecting farmers on their farms, whilst the farmers finish

uprooting their cassava. Especially seen in Enugu and Abia where residents confirm the ESN are searching and patrolling the bushes.

15 October 2021 – Around 8 am, armed Fulani militia attacked Nkiendonwro Village in Miango District of Bassa LGA, Plateau State and killed a father and his two children while leaving Emma Amos (12 years old) with severe gunshot wounds. Nuhu Bitrus Nga, the spokesperson of Mianga Youth Development Association, identified the father (Amos David, 42 years old) and his two children (Abednego Amos, 8 years old and Reuben Sunday, 28 years old) who were travelling on their motorcycle to go back to their farm which had been abandoned since an attack that occurred in 2017.

Over 30 killed as gunmen invade Sokoto market

18 October 2021 – Unknown gunmen killed at least 30 civilians in an attack on Goronyo market in Goronyo township LGA of Sokoto state. The governor calls for more synergy amongst the security agencies and to deploy additional security personnel in Sokoto. The attack came a few days after the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) were instructed by the Sokoto government to shut down the telecommunications services in certain areas of the state so that security forces can combat the insecurity with ease.


18 October 2021 – Nigerian south-eastern Christian leaders of various faiths warn the government of imminent anarchy of the country, thus calling for an amnesty for Nigeria’s separatists. Bishop Godfrey Onah, Catholic Diocese of Nsukka, delivered a collective statement calling for the government to grant amnesty to the labelled separatist groups to ensure Nigeria can stride towards peace. Additionally, the religious leaders call for groups such as IPOB and other separatists to avoid any violent activities and call upon the federal government to grant them amnesty for them to do so, as they are currently labelled terrorists. A declaration was signed declaring the southeast region of Nigeria as a region that is “soaked in blood”. Religious leaders who signed the declaration include the Monsignor Emmanual Chukwuma the Anglican Archbishop on Enugu, Archbishop Anthony Obinna of the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri, Archbishop Valerian Okeke of the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha, Archbishop Chibuzo R. Opoko and the Methodist Archbishop of Umuahia. Various entities similarly denounce the worsening security situation in Nigeria, including Denis Hurley Peace Institute, the Catholic Foundation for Peace and Charity and other church organizations. The identified root cause of the south-eastern sectoral and ethnic violence comes down to the failure of governance at various levels. Separatist groups have gained the loyalty of frustrated Nigerians because of the clear divide that has been developing between the civilians and the ruling class, as seen in the alienating of leadership between the state, regional and federal levels. The Christian leaders call for other options that do not include over-militarization, senseless killings, or violence; but rather for the federal government to tackle the underlying motivations for the unrest through justice, good governance and fairness. Additionally, Christian leaders want to be seen as representatives of the people in their regions and call on political leaders to ensure the investment of all accessible resources into job creation, security and development of their regions. The youth of Nigeria is the hope and strength

of the nation, thus particular attention needs to be made to regain their trust in the government. The Christian leaders further address the aggravated youth by ensuring that they hear their cry and will do everything in their power to address their concerns by working with the private sector, elected officials and all additional segments of Nigeria’s society. Lastly, the Christian leaders call on Nigerians to use media responsibly and not to entice violence as it is a powerful tool that can be used to spread love or destruction.

19 October 2021 – The Effium Police station was attacked by unknown gunmen in Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi state, resulting in the death of a mobile police officer and the station being entirely burnt down. Upon arrival, the gunmen propelled dynamite (locally-made) and petrol bombs at the station before being deterred.

Traditional rulers shot dead during meeting in Imo

19 October 2021 – Gunmen raided the Nnenasa community, Njaba LGA of Imo state and after shooting sporadically they killed 3 traditional rulers who were having a meeting. The identities of the deceased have not been confirmed yet.

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