Violence and internal displacement continue to escalate. Over the weekend of 24 July 2021, the Executive Secretary of the Benue State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Dr Emmanuel Shior, confirmed that there are now over a million internally displaced in Benue State. Their communities have been completely occupied by Fulani, making it impossible for them to return.


See below for an overview of violent incidents during the past week. 15 July 2019 – 47 200 people are currently displaced and being hosted in Cross River State due to the continual flooding and communal clashes. Local governments with Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) include Biase, Boki, Obanliku, Yala, Bakassi, Odukpani, and Obubra. A feud between Ebonyi and Akwa Ibom State communities has resulted in IDP’s increasing from Biase, Yala, Odukpani and Oburbra Local Governments. The state government have attempted to end the violence, however, they have not been successful. 22 July 2021 – Over the last 48 hours renewed attacks by the armed Fulani militia have resulted in 43 persons killed and over 50 properties set on fire throughout Benue State. In Guma LGA, 13 civilians were murdered (including a baby of 3 months old being shot in the chest) and only after 24 hours another 8 people were killed (including 2 aid workers). According to local sources, a bus was returning from a funeral in Umenger and was attacked by armed Fulani militia and resulted in 3 deaths and 2 persons in Makurdi hospital receiving treatment. Udei Branch was attacked with 8 deaths following. Additionally, numerous people were killed because of a communal crisis between Bonta and Ochoro communities in Konshisha LGA, Benue State. 23 July 2021 – The continuous attacks by the armed Fulani militia on the farmlands is increasingly problematic, as the number of IDP’s are dramatically climbing and the state government is struggling to provide for this number of displaced persons. Governor Samual Ortom ensured the IDP’s welfare needs are prioritised, as seen over the last 3 years they have met their basic needs and the needs of 10, 000 Cameroon refugees in Kwande Local Government Area. However, Governor Ortom is concerned that if the attacks continue it will worsen the IDP’s situation. Currently, IDP’s are situated in Kwande, Agatu, Agasha, Agagbe, Udei Yuweze, Aoundona, Gbajimba, and some additional areas. Benue State is struggling to provide for these IDP’s, as with the armed Fulani militia destroying the farmlands and crops, there has been a sharp rise in food prices.

23 July 2021 – According to IPOB, hundreds of Nigerian soldiers attacked the ‘Eastern Security Network’ (ESN) camp in the forests of Akpofu, Nkanu Local Government Area of Enugu State. This caused conflict as the ESN are seen as the ‘buffer’ protecting farmers and their farms from the invasion of armed Fulani militia and the cattle. These leaving civilians in a vulnerable position, risking the safety of their lives and properties. 23 July 2021 – The Maraban Jos divisional armoury was attacked and resulted in 3 officers sustaining injuries in Igabi LGA, Kaduna State. Around 11 pm, attackers arrived in 3 Sharon utility vehicles and opened continuous shooting at the officers on duty, as they wanted admission to the divisions’ armoury. The police personnel retaliated with firepower and forced the attackers to retreat, with a few of the bandits sustaining bullet wounds. 26 July 2021 – A video went viral on social media as it showed men in camouflage uniforms (green) who were overrunning farms and destroying their crops in the South-East of Nigeria. The Director of Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, warned the public that the viral video originated from the YouTube channel “BIAFRA BOY” and is a doctored video by the ESN as propaganda with an attempt to ruin the image and reputation of the Nigerian Army.

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