Reports reaching Stefanos Foundation show that there are series of ongoing attacks in Takum and Ussa Local
Government Areas of Taraba State.On average, there have been attacks on at least one community every day for
about 2 weeks in a row since 13th of July, 2022 that have gone unreported. A few days to Easter in April, 2022 the people of Acha community in Yantu Development Area were attacked in their sleep and over 30 people killed. Soon enough, the attacks escalated to Takum Local Government Area. More recently, the series of attacks that spread to Takum Local Government Area are more gruesome and more repeated than the ones that came before.

On the 13th of July, 2022, Fulani herders bearing weapons, mounted road blocks on the Lissam-Takum road where
they killed many and injured even many more (precise figures are not ascertained). A few days later, the Taraba State Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Iliya Bekyu Akweh released a statement where, among other things, he mentioned that the attacks were “repelled by some youths in the area”.

On the 18th of July, Jenuwa Nifiye and Ripeachin Lissam communities were attacked and 10 people were killed. The next day, the 19th of July, 5 persons were murdered along Kwari Road in an attack by Herders. Thereafter, on the 23rd of July, Jenuwa Nyifiye Community was attacked. 10 people were killed, 25 injured and houses burnt down. On the 24th of July, at about 5 a.m, Manya and Ramamsire communities were attacked and many people were left
injured. Again, on 25th July, at about 6.30a.m, Stefanos Foundation received reports of yet another attack on Rikwentam – Lagos, Kufsang. 6 people were killed and many were left injured. A Church was also set ablaze in the attack. A few hours later, news filtered in about another attack on Junuwa – Kogi attack where one person was killed and 1 injured.

It is yet to be ascertained if the same group of Herders executed all the attacks. However, the nature of attacks by
Fulani Herders is almost the same in every community they have infiltrated. They maim, kill, burn and steal. They
destroy farmlands and houses majorly in farming communities, with the intent to drive them out and inhabit their
lands. Herders have been spotted and reported to be walking around with rifles as they led their cattle to graze
According to information available to us, Stefanos Foundation has gathered that from November 2021 till date, over
40 villages have been attacked. Some of the attacks have seen the inhabitants fleeing their communities in search of safety. These deserted villages are now inhabited by Fulani herders while the original inhabitants are scattered
around, living in Church buildings, schools and squatting with relatives.


Bandits, terrorists planning attacks on Lagos, FCT, Katsina, 3 others — NSCDC – Vanguard News (


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, has placed all its state commands on alert, following
intelligence reports that Boko Haram terrorists, as well as those of Islamic State West Africa Province, ISWAP, have
heightened plots to attack the nation’s capital, Abuja, and five other states, including Lagos. This came as military
sources confirmed, yesterday, that a Lieutenant and five soldiers were still missing after last Sunday’s attack on
troops of the 7 Guards Battalion and 176 Battalion of Guards Brigade by terrorists in Abuja, which left an Army captain dead. In the leaked memo, dated July 25 and signed by the Deputy Commandant General, DCG, Operations, Dauda Mungadi, which was addressed to all state commands of the NSCDC, the Corps said two separate bandit groups have also concluded plans to attack Abuja and others. The memo read: “We have received credible intelligence that Boko-Haram and the ISWAP terrorist groups have mobilised fighters and high calibre weapons, particularly Rocket Propelled Grenades, RPG, launchers, Anti-Aircraft, AA, guns and General Purpose Machine Guns, GPMGS, which they intend to deploy for the offensive in Katsina State.“In another development, two separate bandit groups are plotting coordinated attacks on North-West, North-Central and South-West (Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kogi, FCT and Lagos), respectively. “Consequently the Commandant-General has directed you to scale up deployment in all strategic places including schools, worship centres and critical national assets in your respective states to checkmate any possible threats by these criminal elements. Please treat as urgent.” There has been apprehension in the nation’s capital and other parts of the country, following increased attacks on security formations, as well as the Presidential Guards, in Abuja.

Also, yesterday, military sources confirmed that a Lieutenant and five soldiers were still missing after last Sunday’s
attack on troops of the 7 Guards Battalion and 176 Battalion of Guards Brigade, by terrorists, in Abuja, which left an
Army Captain dead. The spokesman of the Guards Brigade, Captain Godfrey Abakpa, had confirmed, on Monday, that terrorists ambushed troops attached to the Presidential Guards Brigade, as they were conducting patrols in the Bwari area, as a result of intelligence that the Nigeria Law School, Bwari, may be attacked. Authorities of the Law School were said to have alerted the public that terrorists had dropped a letter indicating an imminent attack. How northerners, south-westerners corner Niger Delta oil blocs – Catholic Bishop Egbebo (
Most Rev. Hyacinth Oroko Egbebo is Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bomadi which covers parts of Rivers State, the whole of Bayelsa State and the three local government areas of Bomadi, Patani and Burutu in Delta State. He speaks on the neglect of the oil-rich Ijaw area, and Niger Delta as a whole by the Federal Government and state governments in the region.

As a Catholic priest, you’ve been expressing concerns and pains over the neglect and under-development of the
oil-rich Niger Delta, particularly your Ijaw territory. Can you tell us how you’ve been coping with the work of God
and agitation for the people? Well, it’s hectic particularly when successive governments have been paying lip service and deaf ears to the demands and appeals of people of the region over the years. There would have been no need to feel abandoned if our environment is not unique in the support it offers to the entire citizenry and the government of Nigeria, yet without the compensating and commensurate infrastructural development here. We live with the hazards of oil exploration and, given the obvious fact that all sectors of Nigeria now feel abandoned by government, there would have been no need to further engage this obvious narrative that might eventually end up in futility. Worse still, we might not be heard despite this attempt to register this needless and crippling abandonment. Nevertheless, it’s still worth my preoccupation to present the heavyweight of devastating feeling of abandonment by government to the purview of the public arena.


With the interventionist agencies such as the NDDC and the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, MNDA, don’t you think the Federal Government has been able to make a move to tackle a few of the development challenges in the region?


Anyone who has not visited the Niger Delta would conveniently presume that the wealth from this region has been duly expended on the development of the region and that the living condition of our people has been sufficiently raised. This is why even when one has genuinely informed or graphically captured the state of affairs about the lack of development of this region to an inquirer, it would still not be believed by such a person. This is the region that has produced billionaires and beautiful cities all over the country, suffice it to say that these billionaires are not found here. The partial success story only exists in the cities and some other places very far-fetched from where we live. It’s common knowledge that oil blocs in Niger Delta are given to northerners and westerners who do not suffer the negative effects of gas flaring and pollution of our lands and rivers. But we’re very familiar with acid rains colouring the rivers from which our drinking water comes. Apart from the huge oil and gas deposits, the Niger Delta is also a treasure house for many seaports to spring up. The one closest to me is the Agge Seaport which is exclusively being used now to export crude oil by the government. There’s the tacit consent and statement that we’re not entitled to use it for the importation of goods.

The colonizing powers in western Nigeria will not allow any other deep seaport to exist except Lagos. Indeed, slaves could have had fairer treatment than this option of being confined to look up to a congested Lagos for their need for importation when the opportunity exists right beside us here. It is also a pity that Dangote would not situate his refinery here but in a congested Lagos area. I pray that the crude oil would soon cease from flowing from here to be refined there. These interventionist agencies have not been able to remedy the sorry situation of the region.


So, what’s your message to the Federal Government in respect of this gory picture you’ve painted about the sufferings in the Niger Delta?


The managers of this country know exactly all we are going through, especially the picture I’ve just painted about the sufferings of the region and they know what to do to remedy the situation. Our woes first stem from lack of love for the Niger Delta by our highly placed sons and daughters in the political sphere, and this is why they’ve become easy conduit/prey as they are susceptible to the influence of the powerful government officials in Abuja for manipulation. Our sons and daughters have been known to be appointed by powerful people in Abuja for the purpose of benefiting from the resources here, just for their personal aggrandizement. This explains why they easily give up the prospect of the development of the region in preference for the sumptuous bribery funds they receive to embrace this killing sellout.

Indeed, our children have become shields by which our resources have been easily siphoned from here. Shamefully, our children have acted as breadwinners to bankroll elections for others, they expend their best efforts to train children from other regions rather than here; they zealously build roads and highways for other regions. These enslavement ego trips have shamefully ended up without any commensurate reward for even themselves. Could this be described as love of neighbor? The scriptures that I know copiously say without any equivocation that we should love others as we love ourselves, Mark 12:31.


Boko Haram Attack Outskirts of Abuja

Boko Haram attacked an army checkpoint near Zuma Rock, between the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) and Niger
states on Thursday night, killing an unknown number of soldiers. According to sources, the terrorists arrived at Zuma Rock around 20:30, and opened fire on the soldiers, surprising them. “They were shooting continuously at the checkpoint for more almost one hour, and soldiers at the checkpoint were fighting back. But after a while, the
shooting stopped,,” according to one source on the scene. The Book Haram insurgents then later seemed to abandon their journey into Abuja and instead fled towards the Kaduna side. While they were fleeing however, they continued to terrorise locals, by attacking some villages and shops in `Madalla, looted and ransacked the shops, and drove away with foodstuffs on their motorbikes. When the insurgents initially attacked the checkpoint, security operatives radioed nearby Army Barracks which led to a running battle between the insurgents and security forces causing a huge traffic jam as motorists were trapped along the Abuja-kaduna Highway. This latest attack comes just six days after terrorists ambushed a patrol team of presidential guards along the Bwari-Kubwa Road, which led to the death, in that instance, of six soldiers. There has been increased tension and apprehension in the FCT in the past week with rumours of possible attacks and increased kidnapping, to the point that many schools have shut down prematurely before term ends, in the middle of exam season, in an effort for children to stay home and be as safe as possible. Many children, particularly those who attack private schools, are still int he middle of their examination period, and it is not known when the exams will now be completed.

Barely 7 weeks after the infamous Pentecost attack on St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, the town of Owo, Ondo
province, has suffered another tragedy. Unknown assailants attacked Folahami Junction on Wednesday evening,
where a construction company called Craneburg Construction Company is located. According to sources at the scene, gunmen opened fire on people at the site. Some are alleging that explosives were used, however, that cannot be verified. The total number of injured is not yet known, but it is believed to be scores of people. Funmi Odunlami confirmed the incident, and according to her, only three people are injured. She, as the state police image maker, could not confirm if the attackers are terrorists or criminals. “We cannot ascertain the casualty figure now and we cannot say it was a terrorist attack with the use of explosives, but tomorrow (Thursday) morning, the EOD men of the command would go to the scene.” She appealed for residents not to panic, and to be assured that the situation is under control.

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