30 January 2022 – A Strike Force Battalion consisting of 109 troop members patrolling for night ambushes in Magumeri, Borno State successfully infiltrated ISWAP/ BHT. The troops effectively neutralized the insurgents and recovered a vehicle and several weapons.


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Sister Esther Nkiru Ezedinachi is a part of the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus, Diocese of Ekwulobia. She provides humanitarian support to the many IDP’s stranded homeless on the streets of Anambra State. She does this by cooking meals 3 times a week and taking them to their hiding places, these being in bushes or just on the streets. These IDP’s struggle with PTSD and mental breakdowns as they are victims of severe trauma after watching their homes burnt down, family and friends kidnapped/ raped and countless other atrocities.

31 January 2022 – 3,920 farmers were confirmed dead in various attacks committed over the past 4 years in Agatu, Benue State alone. Hon. Micheal Inalegwu, the Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism disclosed that the fundamental issues of insecurity are created by the government led All Progressive Congress (APC). As the government never refer to the word security, even after Governor Samuel Ortom revealed the abundance of facts and figures proving the appalling deterioration of the security situation in Benue State and nationally.

31 January 2022 – The Nigerian Army authorities have admitted involvement in the razing of homes and the disappearances and killings of thousands of defenceless citizens, mainly Igbo Jeudo-Christian faiths, outside the boundaries of the law. Intersociety for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law revealed in their Special Investigations Report how the Nigerian Army and other security forces failed to ensure their operations were conducted according to the processes and procedures contained in the Laws of Nigeria, as well as International Treaty Laws willingly consented to by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Additionally, the NA failed in providing answers to 24 Critical Questions when questioned by Intersociety, these include:

  • based on intra and inter agency intelligence available to the Nigerian Army, if any, how many groups of “Unknown Gunmen” exist in the Southeast and what is their numerical strength?
  • are all the 4800 arrested/abducted in the past 14 months armed ESN members or “Unknown Gunmen?
  • in the unbiased opinion of the Nigerian Army, how many Easterners had been ‘arrested’ in the past 14 months and where are they?
  • how many of them have been freed, if any, and how many have been handed over to the Police, if any, and as legally required?
  • by the extant Laws in Nigeria including the Armed Forces Act 2004, can Nigerian Army detain, investigate and prosecute arrested civilian citizens who are not subject to the Armed Forces Act of 2004?
  • going by our Special Investigative Report, “who and what are the names of those killed or abducted and disappeared in Eastern Nigeria in the course of the Army and security forces’ operations in the past 14 months?
  • how many of them were killed and abducted?
  • H. what are the whereabouts of those abducted and bodies of those killed openly and in custody?
  • when, where and why were they killed or abducted?
  • who killed them and abducted others?
  • is it also part of the Nigerian Army’s “Rules of Engagement” under UN System to abduct civilian citizens alive and disappear or kill them in custody?
  • L. are they also part of the Army’s use of force, proportionality of same and legitimate self defense under the same UN System?
  • who killed 110 residents at Obigbo in Rivers State between 21st October and 18th November 2020?
  • who abducted and bundled away over 700 civilian residents of the area including over 50 non-menopausal women?
  • which law authorizes the Army to abduct civilian residents of Obigbo in the hours of the Blue Law and secretly held them for more than one year in far away Northern Nigeria without trial?
  • who sexually molested about 70% of the over 50 abducted Obigbo women?
  • who killed over 40 of the Obigbo abductees in custody?
  • who set ablaze or burnt down or razed or destroyed civilian dwelling houses, sanctuaries or sacred places of worship and their symbols and livelihoods in Eastern Nigeria in the past 14 months?
  • how many dwelling houses, sacred places of worship and livelihoods in villages or communities in the Muslim North have soldiers of the Nigerian set ablaze or burnt down in reprisal for killing of soldiers including Generals?
  • when has it become a military tradition and art of modern warfare for the Army to kill or permanently disappear citizens arrested or abducted alive and taken into custody alive?
  • under International Rules of Engagement in inter armed conflict involving Nigeria and another, can Nigerian Army or Armed Forces kill in custody its captured Prisoners Of War (POWs) or surrendered rival combatants or wounded others?
  • when has it become a military tradition or art of modern warfare or policing of turbulent Civil Space for Army to engage in wanton destruction of civilian dwelling houses including sacred places of worship especially in Eastern Nigeria?
  • is the present day Nigerian Army truly “Nigerian Army” with compositional reflection of the country’s multi ethnic and religious groupings?
  • when was the last time the Nigerian Army impartially investigated allegations of professional or operational misconducts or gross misconducts against its personnel and superior officers in conformity with the Int’l Law Principles of Complementarity and No Impunity?

4 February 2022 – Armed Fulani militia brutally murdered Mr Christopher Inalegwu, a 65-year old elder brother of the Benue State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism on his farm located in Aku, Okokolo Council ward of Agatu LGA. Mr Chistopher Inalegwu saw the armed Fulani militia approaching the village and sounded the alarm to alert the villagers, however, the Fulani men opened fire on him and retreated. Mr Inalegwu was rushed to the General Hospital in Obagaji, however when they arrived there were no Doctors on the scene.

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