Violence continues to escalate in South-Eastern Nigeria. Increasingly, Anambra State is the focus. Elections for the Anambra Governor are scheduled for Saturday 6 November 2021. IPOB has called for an indefinite stay away from Friday 5 November 2021, which means that voting will not take place.

Attacks on Church targets also continue. On 1 November there was an attack by “unknown gunmen” on the house of the Catholic Bishop of Orlu (Imo State) in an attempted kidnapping.

See below the latest incidents:

26 October 2021 – Since 5 am, Amangwu Ohafia in Abia state was invaded by the Nigerian army, where they killed many of the youth and burnt down innocent civilians homes. Resulting in many villagers escaping into the forests to find refuge.

28 October 2021 – Gunmen sent the villagers of Miango village, Bassa LGA of Plateau state a letter to give to the Nigerian army working under Operation Safe Haven (OPSH), ordering them to abandon their posts so that the gunmen can attack the village. The letter threatened the troops that if they refused to abandon their posts, they would be the first to be struck.

29 October 2021 – A gunfight occurred between Nigerian soldiers and Unknown Gunmen in Ekwulobia, Anambra state. According to eyewitnesses, 2 military officers and 7 policemen were seen lying dead in a pool of blood.

29 October 2021 – The Nigerian Army claims to be attacked by gunmen from the Biafran National Guard in Amaekpu, Ohafia LGA of Abia state. Director of Army Public Relations, Onyema Nwachukwu, states that when the army was attacked by the ‘heavily armed’ gunmen, they met the assailants with resistance and killed one of the gunmen. The other gunmen abandoned their vehicles and retreated quickly after sustaining numerous gunshot wounds. Three vehicles and a pump-action gun were recovered from the scene.

30 October 2021 – The Nigerian army claimed that in a shootout the previous day in Anambra state, they killed three unknown gunmen’, who was later revealed to be Fulani’s. Videos show the dead Fulani’s lying in the street.

31 October 2021 – Orji Synagogue was invaded by heavily armed Nigerian soldiers while they were keeping Shabbat. The soldiers entered with sporadic shooting, tied up the worshippers and forced them into military vehicles, before taking them to an undisclosed location. The army claimed the Jewish worshippers with supporters of Biafra, in the last year this is only 1 of 6 Synagogue’s that were razed, with more than a dozen worshippers abducted. =scwspnss

1 November 2021 – A joint statement was released by the “South East Council of Traditional Rulers and the Representatives of Igbo Archbishops and Bishops”, highlighting in the South East, the severe expanding socio-economic disruptions and the level of insecurity. Firstly, they call for stakeholders and the Federal Government to explore resolution strategies to bring about cohesion, development and national unity. Secondly, they readdress their previous call to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as this will assist in deescalating the conflict in the South-East Zone. Thirdly, they urgently call for the release of IPOB members held in detention and for President Buhari to begin urgent steps to de-proscribe IPOB. Fourthly, they note that the Federal Government need to demilitarize the South East Zone and take a more political approach to bring

about peace, as currently the militarized approach only leads to heightened bloodshed. Similarly, they claim that the youth will remain agitated until the government deliberately take steps towards equity, non-discrimination, justice and fairness. The statement clarifies that they acknowledge the frustrations of the youth, however, call on them to remain law-abiding while the tension de-escalates. Additionally, with IPOB, they call for peaceful engagements and no hindrance with the upcoming Anambra state Government Elections.

1 November 2021 – A video shows evidence of the Nigerian army going door-to-door in Agwu village, Enugu state burning civilians houses down and killing numerous people. The military proceeds to take the corpses away.

1 November 2021 – With no identified reason, Isingwu in Imama Village, Awgu LGA of Enugu state was invaded by the Nigerian Army, resulting in the murder of several youth and homes being burnt to the ground. One account for why the military entered the village was for the reason that they were on the lookout to arrest Chocho, an alleged leader of ESN. The Nigerian soldiers were said to be singing Jihadist songs and acting as though they were at war with the community. Residents were concerned about the invasion, as they state that recently there has been no issue with IPOB, nor the ESN. The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders condemns the invasion of the military and state that it is an act of ethnic cleansing and genocide, as they have no constitutional right to enter the village shooting, burning houses and killing people. Awgu community has been law-abiding and peaceful, leaving no reason for the invasion of military officials who only speak Hausa and Fulani languages.

NIGERIA: Army Foil Attempt to Kidnap Bishop Of Orlu Diocese

2 November 2021 – Orlu Diocesan Catholic Secretariat in Imo State, Most Reverend Augustine Ukwuoma, escaped an attempted kidnapping and burglary when police responded to a distress call at 2:30 am. The police rushed over to his house, forcing the bandits to flee and leaving the Bishop and his two secretaries safe.

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