4 November 2021 – The Nigerian military leaked a document titled “Need to sensitive troops to restrain from taking pictures or videos of operational engagements”. This is proof that the general public, but more specifically the South-Eastern citizens, need to be aware that the Federal Government and military forces do not care about the safety and rights of the Nigerian people when making their decisions.

5 November 2021 – Around 7:50 pm gunmen drove through Nwokeisima junction Umulogho in Obowo LGA of Imo State and opened fire, resulting in the immediate death of 3 victims (1 woman and 2 men). Panic emerged as residents ran for their lives, while the gunmen continued towards Umuahia in Abia State.

6 November 2021 – Gunmen arrived in 3 vehicles and attacked both Isinweke and Umulogho communities in Imo state. This resulted in the death of at least 3 innocent residents, 10 motorcycles being set alight and an undisclosed number of people injured.

7 November 2021 – Luka Binniyat, a reporter from Epoch times who has focused on the deliberate acts of barbarity against Nigerian Christians, has been jailed in Nigeria. The arrest of a journalist shows the Nigerian governments systematic and egregious religious prosecution that is currently occurring. President Buhari states that his arrest is linked to Binniyat’s most recent story: “In Nigeria, Police Decry Massacres as ‘Wicked’ but Make No Arrests”. Protests in Washington emerge as Nigerian authorities allow for Fulani extremists to continue with the frequent massacres and no prosecution, yet a journalist is arrested for reporting the massacres. Binniyat’s story revealed the failure of military and police officials to make any arrests (after a month) following the shocking massacre of 38 innocent and unarmed civilians in Madamai village, Kaduna state. Similarly, Binniyat revealed the police spokesman described the massacre as a “clash”, however it was heavily armed men against the unarmed women, men and children of the village. Among several other charges, Binniyat was charged with a “breach of peace” in 2017, though this is unacceptable as he was solely informing the public. Binniyat is not the only journalist to be jailed for “incitement”, other journalists publish their articles on the internet from undisclosed locations, such as George Makeri and Steven Kefas. Since 2015, more than 43, 000 Nigerian Christians have died in the Middle Belt at the hands of armed insurgents connected to ISIS or radicalized Islamic mercenaries.

7 November 2021 – IPOB alleges that ESN stopped an attack by the armed Fulani militia in Enugu state, during the governorship elections for Anambra state. IPOB states that no matter how hard the terrorists disguised as herdsmen try, they will not get an inch of Biafran land. IPOB calls on the “Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria” for a referendum to allow Biafran people the decision of whether they want to have their own country or belong to Nigeria.

8 November 2021 – According to NCFRMI (The National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and IDP’s) over the past year, more than one million Nigerians have been displaced. The Federal Commissioner for NCFRMI, Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, stated that more than 500,000 Nigerian civilians will be repatriated from bordering countries (Cameroon, Chad, Libya etc.), causing the total number of displaced people in Nigeria to rise to 3 million. Similarly, Nigeria hosts from 23 different countries around 73, 000 refugees. NCFRMI is attempting to establish additional resettlement centers in Edo, Kano, Borno and Katsina.

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