Benue State Crisis Violence Escalates


Killings continue to increase in Benue State. Below is the unedited latest update (7 November) from Bishop Wilfred Anagbe of Makurdi Diocese:

My dear friends in Christ,

It is again with a very heavy heart that I send you greetings from the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi- Nigeria. As is now customary, I am sending an update on the unabated killings and displacement of innocent villagers from what forms part of my diocese of Makurdi and other areas surrounding especially some villages in Katsina Ala diocese.

Thanks to the efforts and advocacy of the Aid to the Church in Need, (Kirche in Not), I was able to take the cry of my people for help to address this situation to some audiences and members of the European Parliament in Brussels. I am equally grateful to the Johan Viljoen of the DHPI in South Africa and other news outlets who now constantly break the news of killings perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen to push forth their agenda of killing and displacement in Christian territories in out here.

Like in the previous correspondence to you, please note that we have captured the killings not only in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi but also a record of killings from some villages in Ukum and Logo LGAs which fall under Katsina Ala Diocese.

Some gory photos are attached so we advise viewer discretion.

1st Oct. 2022

Tse Asha community, close to Ortese town in Nyiev Ward of Guma LGA

1 person killed:

Aboi Kwaghnum

5th Oct. 2022

Yelewata community of Nyiev council ward, Guma LGA.

1 person killed, some persons displaced.

8th Oct. 2022

Tom Atar community of Nzorov council ward, Guma LGA.

2 persons killed on the farm:

1. Shagari Amos Shemberga

2. Thomas Verkula

9 Oct. 2022

Armed herders seen openly grazing around Yelewata surrounding and at the NYSC farm before Hirnyam, Makurdi – Lafia road.

No life was lost on this day as the herdsmen were surrounded and chased away by sec


12 Oct. 2022

Yelewata community of Nyiev ward of Guma LGA

6 persons killed

13 Oct. 2022

Armed herdsmen invaded Tse Magun, Guma LGA.

No life was lost as Herdsmen were prevented from causing havoc by the security forces in the area.

17th Oct. 2022

NYSC farm in Udayagba community, along Makurdi-Lafia road, Nyiev council ward of Guma LGA

1 person killed: Erdoo Akooko

17th Oct. 2022

Tse Pevkyaa, along Makurdi – Lafia road in Guma LGA

2 persons killed

18th Nov. 2022

Camp Garba community of Nyiev council ward of Guma LGA was attacked

3 persons were killed, some injured

19th Oct. 2022

Gbeji community in Ukum LGA (Katsina Ala diocese) was attacked

39 persons killed; others injured, many displaced.

19th Nov. 2022

Tse Akenyi in Uvir council ward of Guma LGA was attacked.

1 person was killed:

1. Tyovenda Kwaghgba.

21st Oct. 2022

Asongu village, situated between Daudu and Gyungu Aze, along Makurdi – Lafia road, Guma LGA.

Travelers were abducted in a Sharon bus, their fate is still unknown.

2nd Nov. 2022

Mbamar community of Nyiev council ward, Gum LGA

5 persons were killed, scores injured, many displaced from their homes.

2nd Nov. 2022

Udayagba community, along Makurdi – Lafia road in Guma LGA

2 persons were killed, some injured.

3rd Nov. 2022

Ukohol market in Nyiev council ward of Guma LGA

12 persons killed

3rd Nov. 2022

Ahungwa community, Nyiev in Guma LGA wasw attacked

6 persons were killed, some injured.

4th Nov. 2022

Zongo Rukubi road in Guma LGA

2 persons killed:

1. Jacob Abele

2. …

Scores displacedtho

5th Nov. 2022

Yelewata community of Nyiev council ward, Guma LGA was attacked

2 persons were killed, some injured.



Above: Photos of the 2 persons killed at Mbamar, a community within Daudu town of Guma LGA

Below: Photos of persons killed at Ukohol market in Guma LGA, on the 3rd November , 2022




Survivors of armed herdsmen attack at Ukohol, Guma LGA, 4 November 2022

To conclude, may I continue to ask your prayers for Nigeria. Like I remarked sometime in the past, how could a people be consistently subjected to these kinds of attacks without consequences? Those of us who live with these killings know that the perpetrators of the genocidal attacks on us are connected in high places so they have been able to always get away with these atrocities.

Most Revd. Wilfred Chikpa ANAGBE, CMF

Bishop of Makurdi Diocese.


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