Vanguard Nigeria reports that the Northern Cattle Dealers Association of Nigeria has blamed the Miyetii Allah, for the widespread violence perpetrated by suspected  “killer herdsmen” in Igboland and other regions of the country even as they called on the Federal government to screen the foreign Fulani entry into Nigeria from the Central Republic. This was the position of the Cattle Dealers Association, Imo state chapter led by Ibrahim Salihi, when they paid a courtesy visit to the Chairman Elders Forum, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Chief Emmanuel Iwuayanwu, in Owerri.

According to them, the Miyetti Allah were the people who always intervene whenever this dangerous group of “killer herdsmen” were arrested by security operatives either for destroying farmlands or other wicked activities, adding that after some days they would be freed.

However, they also called on the Federal government as well as state governors to screen the entry of Fulanis from the Central Republic especially those of Lubwa, ethnic group. According to  Salihi, “Banditry did not start today, it started during Abacha regime, we have herders who came into Nigeria From Central Africa. There is an ethnic group in the Fulani tribe that are carrying AK 47, and are the most wicked people.

“The Miyetti Allah not helping matters they are allying with this group, for instance, if your farms are destroyed by this group the Miyetti Allah is supposed to intervene by asking the herders to pay compensation. But they are supporting this group who are doing this and carrying arms. The Miyetti Allah is encouraging these people to destroy farms.

He continued: “Another problem is that the Federal Government is not doing enough, as they are not screening these people coming in from Central Africa into  Nigeria. The Federal Government should check Fulanis coming into the country and even the state governments should do the same.

See below a summary of events reported during the past week: 19 June 2021 – The Fulani militia sent out a 72-hour ultimatum to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to force him into renouncing his support for the ban on the Southern states of Nigeria for open-grazing of cattle, or they will ensure to inflict the utmost pain on him. Governor Okowa is one of 17 governors to support the ban on open grazing. One of Governor Okowa’s main projects includes his almost complete new N13 billion innovative Central Secretariat Complex on Olorogun Ibru Secretariat Road, Asaba. The Fulani militia threatened to blow it up, however, a loyal citizen saw them planting the bombs and informed the police before the bombs were able to explode. Following the Fulani’s militia failure to plan, they wrote a 3-paragraph letter of intimidation for Governor Okowa and the citizens of the state to threaten an attack on the state capital Agbor and Asaba of Ike South Local Government Area unless the governor atoned for his ‘sin’. After the Fulani militia’s threat to do anything to uphold the legacy of their heritage, the militant group MEDN, Movement for the Emancipation and Defence of Niger-Delta, stated a counter warning to the Fulani jihadists claiming that “if one soul is lost, ten Fulani souls will pay for it”. The Chairman of PANDEF, Pan Niger-Delta Forum, cautioned the Federal Government about the political and economic implications the entire country will experience if the Fulani jihadists provoke the Niger Deltans. Similarly, UYLA (Urhobo Youth Leaders’ Association), comprises a youth body that sent out a 48-hour notice to all Fulani militia to end the open grazing and remove their cattle right away. Chief Antoni Ofoni, acting President, was angered by the letter of intimidation towards Okowa and called for UYLA and other youth to mobilise after the expiration of the ultimatum and evict the Fulani militia from the farmlands. Though, 24-hours after the threat, the Delta Fulani leaders within the state disowned the jihadists. Undercover police are spread across the state, to gather evidence on who is a part of the Fulani jihadists and other intelligence information.

On the 13 June 2021, Obinobe, the loyal citizen who tipped off the bomb threat on the new N13 Central Secretariat Complex is on the run with his wife and children, as he has recently been followed by a “strange black Toyota” and two people were waiting for hours to kill him outside his complex before he left for church. Confusion arises on how they know he was the one to tip off the police, as he only gave his statement to the Investigation Police Officer. The commissioner of Police has not confirmed the story or returned any calls about the incident. 20 June 2021 – The death of 10 people was a result of a resurgent communal clash between the people of Effium in Ohaukwu LGA of Ebonyi State and Ezza in the Ado LGA of Benue State. James Oche, the Chairman of Ado LGA, could not identify the cause for the renewed clash, and he strongly condemned the conflict, as it has undervalued the harmony his administration is working hard to achieve. Oche calls for both Effium and Ezza people to embrace peace and stop the conflict amongst themselves immediately.

Additionally, Oche states that armed Fulani militia blocked a commercial vehicle travelling to Lagos from Oju LGA as they closed off the roads between Utonkon and Okpoga, and abducted 5 people to hold hostage. However, a new group of Community Volunteer Guards and Operation Puff Adder Police Unit in Ado LGA have successfully confronted the Fulani kidnappers and ensured the release of three of the five people who were abducted. 20 June 2021 – Birnin Yauri, the Federal Government College, in Kebbi State was attacked by hundreds of unknown bandits who kidnapped 94 students (SS1 and SS2 pupils who were busy with their end of term tests), 4 teachers, and 4 non-academic staff members. Currently, 3 students are confirmed dead, each from Kambi Kebbi; Anaba and Wushishi in Niger State, while 8 students and one teacher have been rescued, with no news on the others. Governor Atiku Bagudu ensured security was stationed and reinforced outside the school after receiving intelligence reports of the bandits’ activity within the area over the past two weeks. Although there was a 22-man team deployed by the Commissioner of Police from the Special Anti-Terrorism Task Force at the school before the attack occurred, they were unable to hold off the hundreds of bandits and were overpowered. 21 June 2021 – A formal “Save Our Souls” letter was written by the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO, a pro-democracy group in Nigeria to the United Nations, pleading for the UN to help prevent the collapse of Nigeria. Mr Ayo Opadokun, the General Secretariat/ Spokesman for NADECO, signed a similar letter that was written previously for President Buhari. The letter calls for help to stabilise the political regime and safeguard national security. In doing so, they call for the impeachment of President Muhammed Buhari by the National Assembly, to save Nigeria from her current crisis. 21 June 2021 – Ibrahim Salihi, the leader of the Northern Cattle Dealers, released a statement, revealing that Miyetti Allah is the one consistently behind the Fulani herdsmen activities within the South East. The Northern Cattle Herders and Ohanaeze held a meeting to guarantee a good relationship between the Igbo and Fulani people. Later, the Northern Cattle Breeders revealed that when security operatives arrest the Fulani herdsmen, they are rescued and given orders by Miyetti Allah. 21 June 2021 – Shettima Yerima, leader of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), calls out Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu and states that the Northerners are not afraid if they want war. Yerima references the conquering of Afonja of Ilorin and how they defeated Biafrans during the Civil War.



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