Rwandan President Paul Kagame visited Cabo Delgado on Friday 24 September 2021. He received red carpet treatment and was accompanied by Mozambican President Nyusi. President Nyusi praised the good bilateral relationships between the two countries. On Sunday 26 September 2021 CDD reported that several bilateral agreements between the two leaders had been signed during the visit. However, the contents of the agreements have not been made public.

It appears as if the Rwandans are going to stay for longer than the initially announced period of three months. Noticias ( ) reported that they would be staying “until the end of the reconstruction period”.

Speculation about the promises made behind the scenes is growing. On Sunday 26 September 2021, on the Portuguese TV station SIC Noticias, Nuno Rogeiro reported that the Rwandans will be given a territory to explore for uranium ( ). Although Rwanda ostensibly has little use for uranium (it has no nuclear reactors), France does and is finding it increasingly difficult to source uranium from the Sahel region.

Both France and Rwanda continue to deny that France is directly funding the Rwandan military deployment. However, after President Macron’s visit to Kigali in May this year, he said that: “We have decided to increase our development aid to unprecedented levels. 500 million euros will be committed over the 2019-2023 period around the main priorities of our dialogue with Rwanda, in particular health, digital and the Francophonie”.

Attacks by insurgents continued the night before President Kagame’s arrival. At the beginning of the night the village of Moja, of Ancuabe district was burned by insurgents. Inhabitants fled to Ancuabe Sede and other communities.

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