Indigenes of Nwa Subdivision on the Verge of being completely exterminated by Fulani gunmen

For over a month now, the people of Nwa Subdivision (in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region) have been consistently tormented by Fulani gunmen, who burn down houses, kill and loot at pleasure. This has left more than 7 villages completely deserted. Almost all the houses in these villages have been burnt down, and the villagers have all fled to the bushes.

Fulanis go after them in the forests, harass and forcefully take away any valuable they have need of. Those who are not strong enough to make it to the forests have gathered in the parish, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Mt Carmel and the priest in charge said:  “As at now I have 55 people to feed, and this number consists of women, girls and mostly children below 8 years with suckling babies about 9. Please pray for me and the poor hungry, tired, sick and frustrated population coming from different villages.”

In the night of March 13, a serious gun battle ensued between separatist fighters and the Fulanis. The next day was characterised by an even more intense exchange to such an extent that the fulanis got reinforcement and backup from the Cameroonian military. Our source (who opted for anonymity) said: “the Fulanis have been officially recognized as a vigilante group in the subdivision, and the local administration is not convinced that they are responsible for the havoc. On Wednesday, March 17 the SDO (Senior Divisional Officer) for Donga Mantung paid an official visit to Nwa. Sources say he spoke in favour of the Fulanis, to the displeasure of the local population.

The situation in Nwa Subdivision shows that local people are at the mercy of the Fulanis. Moreover, the IDPs are malnourished since they cannot cultivate the soil for food due to insecurity and there is no humanitarian assistance being offered them at the moment from WFP and/or other organizations.

Photos Below: IDP’s arriving at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church:

Gunshots and explosives make life extremely difficult for the People of Enyoh in Batibo

On Tuesday, March 16, the military stationed at Ambo village (situated in Batibo Subdivision, in Momo Division of the Northwest Region) fired shots into the sky. A few minutes later, separatist fighters, whose camp is in Enyoh (another village close to Ambo) approximately 12km from the military post, responded by firing sporadically into the sky as well. This scene set the whole village into panic and the atmosphere remained tense for the remainder of the day. Towards evening, the military drove into the village and started firing shots and detonating explosives.

A source who witnessed the shooting told us that no one was killed in the onslaught, although some 4 unarmed civilians were taken by the military to their camp, and everyone was on the alert as tension kept on mounting. We were also told that this situation happens almost on a weekly basis and the villagers live in perpetual fear of the unknown, as they struggle to get to their farms and go about their daily activities with the full awareness that things could change for the worst with the blink of an eye.

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