In the course of last week separatist fighters, who in the course of the conflict have always been poorly armed (since the government of Cameroon maintains a very tight security on all the possible routes through which sophisticated weapons can be smuggled into the country,) used locally Improvised Explosive Devices in their attack on military convoys in Kumbo, Batibo and Muyuka. There are videos and pictures making rounds on social media, which show military trucks being blown to pieces by these IEDs, with voices in the background claiming to be armed separatists.

With the introduction of IEDs by the separatist fighters, it means the dynamics of the conflict are changing and this may be a pointer to worse days ahead for the Cameroonian military as the government continues to think a military solution is the only option. The towns and villages of the Northwest and Southwest regions where the conflict is ongoing continue to be unsafe.

Johan Viljoen

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