Rapid assessment on Human rights situation was carried out in Gulu Archdiocese and Lira Diocese by the diocesan Justice and Peace Commission of Gulu and Lira Dioceses. The purpose of the assessment is to ascertain whether human rights violations did happen in the two dioceses during COVID 19 lockdown. The two commissions used a simple interview format that contained both qualitative and quantitative responses.

In Gulu Archdiocese, rapid assessment was done in Omoro district particularly in Minakulu, Bobi, Opit and Odek; while in Agago district we did our data collection from Patongo, Kalongo, Lapono and Adilang Sub counties.

In Lira Diocese, rapid assessment was done in the catholic parishes of Aduku, Ngetta and aber.

This report shall be used for an advocacy purposes for the Uganda episcopal conference and other human rights liked minded  international civil society organizations who may be our partners or not.

Executive Summary:

Justice and Peace Commission Gulu Archdiocese reached out to 116 (95 Male: 21 Female) from Gulu Archdiocese and 83 (60 Male: 18 Female) respondents from Lira Diocese.

Human rights situation was described as “worse” by our respondents during COVOD 19 lock down both in Gulu and Lira diocese.

Human rights abuses/violations was confirmed by the majority of the respondents

Tortures, cruel inhuman or degrading treatment, sexual violence, excessive use of force and food shortage characterized the most human rights violations that occurred during COVID 19 lockdown. Meanwhile death in custody, denial access to information regarding COVID 19, inadequate access to health and protective health materials and unemployment characterized as the second worse category of Human rights violations.

Neither civil society organizations nor government official responded to the human rights violations incidences during COVID 19 lock down in Gulu and Lira Dioceses.

Access Full Report PDF Below:

Uganda Covid19 Human rights abuses report


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